For more than 35 years, we have celebrated the community of the Greater Bunbury Region by harnessing the strengths of the incredible people who live here.

Milligan is a new kind of community centre, creating fun, playful ways to bring people together in the community.

We strongly believe that humans need to connect with other humans. Communities are strong when people have the opportunity to have fun, to laugh and to experience things together.

Here at Milligan, we work directly with the community to create free, inclusive and accessible events.


To activate and harness the vibrant strengths of our community through valuable, creative and ethical opportunities to be heard; to build empathy for others; and through the power of shared experience.


We are a place-based service. We believe in our community, in its value, and the incredible things it has to offer. We are imbedded within and connected to the place, to the people, and to the environment.

People are awesome! We value the inherent capabilities and strengths of our community and work alongside the people who use this service to ensure that the programs developed are feasible, sustainable and desired. We are all in this together!

We don’t have all the answers! Communities evolve and we commit to continuous learning and evolution so that we can grow alongside the community, creating programs that are lean, flexible and ready to respond.

Wow! My understanding and appreciation of community building was enhanced with a visit to Milligan and a conversation with its passionate participants and staff. Milligan is certainly committed to a community building approach that reflects genuine community engagement, valuing of  collaboration, building on the strengths and assets of local people and strengthening of  community leadership. Above all, Milligan is an amazing demonstration  of innovation and creativity. I often quote Milligan as a model of effective community development at the grassroots, that other communities could learn from.

— Peter Kenyon, Bank of Ideas


  • Creative community engagement activities
  • Powerful shared experiences
  • Supported community led initiatives
  • Pop-up events designed to spread joy
  • Opportunities to build community connectedness

  • Industry training in ethics, empathy and design thinking
  • Creative business incubator training for individuals
  • Community consultation and research
  • Community Building training for industry professionals