Milligan under wraps

Milligan Under Wraps

Under wraps? So, just what is going on at Milligan?

We’re keeping busy, as usual, trying to make the community a better place! [awwww] Specifically though, we’re trying to find out what our local community really needs…

Milligan is using funding from the WA Primary Health Alliance and Local Programs, Local Jobs, to hold workshops to find out what the community really needs and wants. It’s an opportunity for Milligan to really take a look at the services we deliver; to get to know our community better; and to understand what it’s like for people to live in Bunbury.

You can get involved and have your say on Thursday 28 September at Caf-Fez, Prinsep Street in the Bunbury CBD. The Milligan team will be on hand to buy you a coffee and gather your thoughts about life in Bunbury. What do you want from your community centre? What do you think is missing in your community? 

Milligan would love to hear from you! Whether you use our services or not; whether you’re new to Bunbury or a lifetime local, come along to Caf-Fez for a FREE coffee on Thursday 28 September, any time between 10 am and 1 pm.

So, why all the changes?” you ask.

Milligan has been open for 31 years. We provide spaces, services, support and opportunities that are designed to reduce social isolation by connecting people to each other and their community.

Today’s community, however, looks very different than it did 31 years ago. Modern community centres now need to evolve to stay relevant in today’s world.

So, how does Milligan evolve?” you ask.

Well, that really depends on the answers that you give us, doesn’t it?

P.S To get all the latest info regarding workshops, pop-ups & community consultations while we’re under wraps, please sign up here.